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live a unique multisensorial experience and
watch the world changing around you

What is a NeuroExperience

A NeuroExperience™ is a multisensorial activity in which a user is triggered by different stimuli like sounds, scents or tastes. During the stimulation our Brain-Computer Interface technology records the brain activity of the subject and extracts some parameters which are used to control the surrounding environment that changes according to what and how the subject feels. The atmosphere (sounds, lights and fragrances) is completely driven by the mental reaction to the experience.


The subject can be triggered by various stimuli involving all the senses


Our neurotechnology understands how the user reacts to the stimulus


The surrounding environment changes according to what the user feels

A stunning experience

NeuroExperience™ are fully customized according to your needs: it is possible to define various way to stimulate the user and many possible outcomes. Everything can be decided and designed together, NeuroExperiences can be a service provided to your customers during private events or during congresses and expositions. Contact us for more information, here are three reasons why you should do it:



Offer something never seen before



Be different from your competitors



Build a massive marketing operation

Ask for a quote and for more information 

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