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test your online platform and your     
product or interior design     
through neurotechnology     

What is NeuroDesign

NeuroDesign™ is a Brain-Computer Interface service that measures the reaction of the brain to a product, website or the interior design of your store or showroom. It is fundamental to assess the effcacy of a new product or online platform before it is launched on the market. Usually this assessment is done through the classic neuromarketing tecniques which are always inaccurate. NeuroDesign™ directly measures the brain signals and elaborates them extracting parameters that indicate how the subject is responding to what he is watching.


The products or the interfaces are shown to the assessors


NeuroDesign records and elaborates the brain signals


The response of the brain shows how people reacted to the sample

What customers want

Most of the time, the failure of a company’s products or business is the difference between what the consumer expects from the products and what the company provides the consumer. Thanks to NeuroDesign you will perform the most accurate pre-market test on your products or online platform reducing the possibility of market failure by understanding what your customers want and what they avoid. Contact us now for more information, here are three more reasons why you should do it:



You will know what your customers want



Focus your resources on the right product



Build a massive marketing operation

Ask for a quote and for more information 

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