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neurotech for companies

Improve your business
through Neurotechnology

Increase your productivity, save your time and money and achieve better results through our Brain-Computer Interface based suite.

real-time brain analysis

Vibre Suite:
BCI for Enterprises

Vibre suite includes Brain-Computer Interface based software performing real-time analysis of the electrical signal produced by users’ brains.

This data processing allows us to obtain parameters about the mental state of the user and exploit them in different situations.

technological stack

The heart of our neurotechnology

Our suite is based on three proprietary algorithms: MindPrint™, MindPulse™ and MindFeel™. These algorithms are based on the most recent findings about Brain-Computer Interfaces and go far beyond them thanks to the continuous exploration of the brain made by our R&D team.


MindPrint™ is the first robust BCI algorithm landing in the field of Biometrics as a Service. It finds a unique pattern in our brainwaves usable as a biometric marker and continuous presence control. 


MindPulse™ measures the heartbeat of the brain. It quantifies how much cognitive load its user is experiencing, and is capable of giving important hints on the overall mental health of the user.


MindFeel™ quantifies the “mental pleasantness” of its users. It lays its fundaments over the principles used in applied neuromarketing, but is much faster and more resilient than usual procedures.

our solutions

Brain-Computer Interfaces for companies


We design NeuroExperiences involving all the senses, in which the surrounding environment changes according to what users are feeling.


NeuroPerform™ evaluates the performances of a user during a complex task, and tracks the improvements achieved during a training session.


NeuroSense™ analyzes the mental state of your customers during a tasting and suggests the best dish or drink according to how they feel in that moment.


The first BCI application in the field of biometrics. It allows the authentication through a unique pattern that everyone has in their own brain signal.


NeuroDesign™ measures the reaction of a sample of customers to a product, website or the interior design of your store or showroom.


By processing brain signals it is possible to obtain parameters about the level of focus, stress or altered states of mind of an operator at work.


our vision

This is how we do BCI

We believe that BCIs can’t just be about remote controlling. We don’t want to control devices or move things into a controlled environment. We think that the true power of BCIs is in the augmentation of human potential that can be obtained by integrating the information coming from the brain into the technologies that surround us, in order to make them “empathetic“.


Our suite runs on high-performance cloud servers in order to be easily accessible from anywhere

smart devices

We use smart wireless devices, way more comfortable and affordable than old ones

brain monitoring

We can have a full picture of users’ mental state and performances in real-time 

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